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PCB test fixture design

PCB test fixture design

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Test probe and the relation of cost

Test fixture needle selection on the cost of the fixture between maximum, the test probe points, Taiwan Hongkong, China imported three. In general, the United States imports is German, Japanese products, brands are INGUN, TCI, Xinhua, Hua Rong, exploration, and exploration and so on. Test probe quality mainly manifests in the material, coating, spring, the diameter of the sleeve precision and production process. At present domestic product material many imported materials, so unless Jerry general probe material is not large, the needle and cannula diameter precision of Taiwan Hongkong domestic and similar products, imported slightly better but generally little impact, spring and coating quality of this area is much better than domestic products imported from Hongkong, Taiwan slightly better than the domestic technology level, main reason is difference, homemade probe coating wear resistance is poor plating is easy to fall off. If the production test fixture using time and testing over 150000 times more appropriate selection of imported products, but the price is more expensive imports probe. At present the domestic level of production and technology gradually improved, and in the current price war situation, many agents domestic needle posing as imported or produced in Taiwan sell the probe. If the test requirements and the number of tests is not high the use of domestic probe. Probe the quality mainly on the test fixture production testing times and is a good contact relation.

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