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PCB test fixture design

PCB test fixture design

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PCB test fixture design

In 1, applied to PCB plate process plug-hand welding ( TIN ) and protection of SMT SMD components and PCB board;

In 2, tin furnace jig with anti-static synthetic stone material, has the advantages of high precision, anti-static, high temperature resistance, no deformation, low thermal conductivity and other properties, more reliable protective chip device and PCB board;

In 3, the CNC machining, precision is high, the patch device can more effectively protect;

4, as the product of tin and convenient operation, can be fixed dimensions, using a mold supporting multiple products to improve the production efficiency; PCB test fixture design

5, using the new crimp assembly, with the international standards for the production of lead-free, complete metal parts and solder spaced, really do not pollute the tin furnace;

In 6, according to customer requirements for the design of single-layer or double-layer cover plate, on the whole plug, to test whether the leakage of the righting effect. Effectively improve the quality of the product and preventing misoperation.

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